How to hook Wii to Sony HT-SS2300 Theater System?


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I'm fairly new to home theater equipment and just got a Sony HT-SS2300 home theater in-a-box system, along with a Sony Bravia 32" LCD. Since this theater system has 3 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI outputs, it was fairly easy to hook up my PS3 and Cable box - I just hooked everything together with HDMI cables and it works great. I'm having a problem with my Wii though. If I hook the Wii up directly to the TV the audio only plays through the TV speaker.

Back of the SS2300 receiver =

After doing some research it sounds like I can take a Wii Component Cable (like this one? Nintendo Wii Component Cable AV Cable for HDTV/EDTV High Definition 480p: Video Games) and hook the 3 video cables to the TV and the 2 audio cables to the receiver. Unfortunately due to placement in my tv cabinet the component cable won't reach both tv and receiver. Most of these cables have a fairly short length where the 5 wires split from the base.

In reading the manual for the Sony receiver it sounds like I can hook up the Wii to the TV with the component cable and then hook the tv to the receiver with a digital optical cable (like this one? Fiber Optical Toslink Digital Audio Optic Interface 6 Foot Cable: Electronics) ??

Can anyone help out?
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Unfortunately the Wii doesn't have any other audio output except the Red/White stereo RCA. You could connect all the cables on the component cable to your TV, then run a audio cable (stereo RCA or optical) back from the TV to the amp. This will also give you the advantage of getting the TV's internal tuner audio to the amp.

I would only recommend this for stereo sources, as the TV will only output stereo, it will not switch 5.1 thru it.

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