How to hook up my TV to my analogue integrated amp?


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My set up currently looks like this;

LG 4K TV with no RCA
Onkyo A-9030 integrated amp
Dali Spector 2 Speakers

I set this up primarily for my record player but I’d now quite like to connect my tv to the amp too. However with no line out from the tv and no digital inputs on the amp, at the moment I’m just using an Aux cable with the headphone connections.

So 3 questions really;

1) will the audio quality suffer using the headphone connections?

2) is it worth getting a digital - analogue converter (if so, any recommendations?) and if not

3) is it then worth getting an integrated amp with optical or HDMI inputs? (And again, recommendations for a £200 budget (I’m ok with used) would be great)



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1) The headphones output will work fine. Many TVs have the option for "fixed level" output from the headphones output - this in essence makes the headphones socket into an line level output. It's the cheapest solution and should not have lipsync issues.

2) A little DAC can work well, and depending on the quality of the TV's DAC, may yield better performance. Problem is that many TVs do not apply an audio delay to the digital output, so you get lipsync issues. And those TVs that do have audio delays also include a decent internal DAC, when you gain little.

3) You should be able to pick up an Arcam AVR250 within your budget. Integrated amplifiers with digital inputs often don't have audio delay, so here too you may encounter lipsync issues.


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A cheap avr will do the job within budget and solve any lip sync issues.

For £200, a used avr £50, add a sub £100-£150. That will make a decent 2.1 system that will be better than any £200 sound bar.

Do you have space or need a system for stereo/music?

If so then for £200 you can get a complete 5.1 system and keep the Onkyo and Dali's for music.

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