How to hook up my Proj & Xbox??


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I have recently purchased a projector for home cinema use (screenplay 4800) but feel it would be a crime not to have the xbox hooked up to it too.

My dilema is how best to acheive this. My projector is ceiling mounted at one end of the room and the screen and unit containing the xbox and other av kit is at the other end 16ft away.
My projector is hooked up to my pioneer 668 dvd player using component cable. At the PJ end the component cable runs into an adaptor that has component sockets on one end and s video on the other. This is done as the S video is the only socket on the back (god only knows why). This means there is no more free sockets on the PJ to plug the xbox into. I also have a Denon avr1800 amp connected to my dvd player.

So after the background to my problem comes the question.

What is the best way for me to have my xbox connected so i can play it on the big screen?
This is really annoying me so any help would really be appreciated.



I am not familiar with the Denon Amp but does it have two components in and one out. I connect both my xbox and dvd player to the amp via component and then run one component lead (or three if you like) from the amp to the pj, all i then do is switch the amp depending on whether i want to watch dvd or play xbox

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