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How to hook up a sub to my active speakers?


I've just bagged myself a BK Gemini 2 sub from the classifieds.

I'm currently running a lovely set of Dynaudio Focus 110 active speakers.

They're part of a computer set up. I'm using the optical out on my PC into a Fiio D3 DAC which then goes straight into the speakers.

It sounds pretty good so I've got no immediate urge to swap the DAC. However having now said I'll buy the sub I got that dreaded feeling that I don't know how I'm going to connect the sub up?

I'm guessing my options are .... RCA Y Splitter from the DAC output and split the single there.

Buy a 5.1 PC sound card and run the sub from there somehow?

I could potentially buy a cheap old school pre-amp but don't really want anymore boxes.

Any thoughts/suggestions on the best way to go about it for max SQ.



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As to the RCA Y-Splitters, it depends on the ability of the Fiio DAC to drive more than one device.

Typically, for any Pre-Amp or Line Level Out, driving two devices is not a problem.

The typical Input Impedance on an audio device is 47k ohms which means the current required is very very low. When you combine two inputs the impedance drops down to 23.5k ohms which is still pretty high. There are some devices out there that have 10k ohm high impedance inputs, so that would tend to define the working range.

As long as your total impedance per channel is within that range of 10k ohm to 47k ohms, this shouldn't be a problem, but not knowing the internal make up of the Fiio DAC, I can't state this with absolute certainty. I can only say that splitting the output to feed two inputs is likely to work.

Keep in mind, you will be feeding both device the full range signal. You will have to use the controls on the Subwoofer to balance the sound with the full range front speakers.



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Ideally IMO, it's best to relieve your main speakers of deep bass when using a sub. Simply splitting the signal won't do this unless your Focus 110's have an in-built high-pass filter set at 80 - 100HZ or so. Studio subs and some more expensive hifi subs have the necessary in-built high-pass filter to feed stereo (minus the deep bass) to your main speakers.

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