How to get to see demos?


Duncan Morgan

As a complete new comer to home cinema (current setup of 15 year old Matsui tele plus VCR) making the leap to a projector I've been doing plenty of research on the forums and magazines.

The £3000 budget seems to point to:

Epson TW100
NEC HT1000
Sony VPW 11HT
Optoma H55

or wait until Toshiba MT8/Infocus 7200 becomes affordable (assming they live up to their promising specs).

Problem is seeing these darn things in action (especially because of the DLP v LCD issue) - several phone calls to manaufacturers and shops does not seem to be getting me any closer to a demo.

Does anyone know some good places that can offer demos with bonus points for being able to show more that one of the above list in the same session?

Alternatively, do any shops offer the opportunity to buy > 1 projector and return the one/ones you don't want?

Thanks for any suggestions



I didn't test those exact models but I had very good experiences with Sevenoaks in Watford. I looked at several models even though I didn't make an appointment and had several at home and was able to return the ones that I didn't like.

Just ask for it, but be prepared as I did to pay the full amount upfront and get it back when you return the goods. I think too many shops have got back experiences with loan goods and the mentality of a lot of people stink...



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