how to get them to change their ways????


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people who have new widscreen tvs, that stretch the pic on 14:3 images to full wide screen, so evey one looks weird?

whats the best way to tell them that they have their system set up wrong?

expect every 1's been there visiting friends, family ect!
but they think its wrong cos they payed extra for a widescreen, but are not using it all, so should of just brought a normal TV!


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If they don't know then chances are they don't care and probably won't appreciate being told that they're doing it wrong. I guess it depends how much you'd like to be asked back to their house.

My brother in law has always run his subwoofer way too high and drowns out half the ambient effects on any film. My wifes best mate literally has all the surround speakers of her one box system lined up on top of the DVD/amp - cant see what the problem is and doesn't want wires all over the place.:rolleyes:

I say let 'em get on with it.

jonny round boy

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It reminds me of a mate of mine - he was the first person I ever knew that had a widescreen TV when they first came out. ALWAYS had it on stretch, as he wanted to use ALL the screen he'd got! It looked ****, and I told him so every time I went there, but he still wouldn't change it!!!

To be fair, it was about 3 years before any channel broadcast anything in widescreen.


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I remember seeing some interior design programme where they did a makeover at Sam Fox's house. They had an 8000quid sim2 projector and a tab tensioned electric screen.

The room was then painted white!

They would probably have got a similar end image from a panny ae100 in that enviroment!


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If you have any framed pictures in 4:3 format of said relatives, scan the photo and stretch it to 16:9 on your PC, print it and re-frame. When they next visit, place the photo in a prominent position. When they exclaim that somethings wrong and they all look fat then's your chance to let rip :D

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