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How to get the Memory card working on PS1??

Discussion in 'Nintendo Forums' started by S.S.Dhuper, May 19, 2003.

  1. S.S.Dhuper


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    Hi there,
    I've got the Sony PSone I got this package from Argos which is PS1, 4MB Memory card, and a extra controller now the thing is I can play games on it, but I can't get the Memory card working.
    I put the Memory card in before I switch it on, when I'm playing the game and want to save it I get this message "NO DUKE NUKEM FILE FOUND ON THE MEMORY CARD IN MEMORY CARD SLOT 1" when I put the card in there's a number 1 showing on the display, I have to explain I'm new at this kind of thing. Any advice will be welcome.

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