how to get the best out of my LCD...


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hi, just bought a Toshiba 42wlt66 - tempted by the 1080i! Now for obvious reasons I want to get the best out of it (i.e. quality DVD pictures and good surround sound) - without completely breaking the bank. I've been thinking something like a Samsung upscaling DVDHD-680 player and an all-in-one system without dvd. Can anyone tell me if I'm on the right track or suggest alternatives please? Say upto £500 total. Also, how should I connect them together? I know the TV and DVD player would be through HDMI, but after that I am stuck!:confused: thanks in advance...


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also does anyone have any idea whether i should have the DNR on low, med, high, auto or off for the best PQ? thanks


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I have the 42wlt66 and HD 850 player connected via HDMI and find it a very good combination. I couldn't find any all in one systems with HDMI out, so like you had to opt for an HDMI player and separate surround system. I got a Sony HTSS 600 although I think this model is now discontinued. (in retrospect I should have devoted more budget to the sound system, the Sony's OK but a bit boxy sounding)

You will connect the DVD player via HDMI for the video, and via Digital audio (optical or coaxial) to the A/V amp.

Make sure you choose one with enough inputs, I have already used all three digital inputs on mine (DVD, TVDrive, PS2).

As far as DNR settings go, you will have to choose what suits you best, putting it too high can result in very plastic looking faces.

More important in my opinion is the "sharpness" setting. This can really enhance things you don't want it to enhance, like noise and pixellation.

The 42wlt66 is such a high resolution screen it really doesn't need artificial sharpness, try reducing it to around -25.




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Thanks that is really useful - especially regarding the settings as I didn't really know where to start.

If anyone else has a similar set up I would be interested to know which all in one system they use....


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also does anyone have any other ideas about the settings? - i seem to be getting quite a bit of motion blur with SD

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