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How to get the best from the SP50L7HX

Discussion in 'TVs' started by chizzmo, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. chizzmo


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    I picked up my sp50l7hx from costco at the weekend. Can anyone give me advice on how to get the best picture from it. What settings for what type of signal. What DVD player should i use via what connection? What :clap: :lesson: spec of PC would i need to down load and play HD feeds through it effectively. Also what software and connection. Any info would be a great help.
  2. the_pauley


    Nov 7, 2002
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    Welcome to the forums Chizmo.

    Nice easy question for your first post! How long is a piece of string...? :D

    I'll have a go though...

    Settings - If this set is anything like its 46" sibling, the factory settings on the picture will be silly. For example - contrast at 100%. Get yourself any DVD that has a THX Optomizer on it, such as Star Wars or Indiana Jones. Use that to calibrate your set - should work a treat for both PAL and NTSC discs. I tried the optomizers on both Region 1 and 2 discs and the settings were identical. Try to do this setup under the ambient light conditions you are most often likely to be viewing under.

    DVD player - Buy the best you can afford. Avoid the supermarket and Woolies bargains. Try to get a player with component outputs and get a good quality component cable. See the Cable Power Buys on here for Belden component cable from a guy called Mark. £50, but absolutely stunning cable - last you'll ever buy. Component will give you a far superior picture to SCART. Players with digital outputs such as HDMI and DVI will give a quality picture too, but I think you'll be just as thrilled with a good quality component connection.

    See this site for Hi-Def PC system requirements. But before splashing out on a new PC just for Hi-Def demo clips, bear in mind that Hi-Def Blu-Ray DVD players and discs will be with us within a year. You won't be too bothered with demo clips when you've got Batman Begins on Hi-Def DVD! :smashin:

    Have fun! ;)

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