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I realisedc that I've asked this before, but I thought reposting in a more detailed form might show results...

I have a plasma TV, with the VGA in connected to a J.S. Technology RGB to VGA. The other end of the RGB is connected to a Tivo box, and this has a Pace DT box attached on Aux. At the moment we record into Tivo from the analogue RF input line. Tivo picks up and retains teletext 888, allowing subtitles to be recorded off analogue TV (these are watched by my wife).

My problem is that plasmas don't have teletext display; nor does Tivo! I therefore need to insert something in the connection chain that will allow me to display 888. I know most plasmas have additional optional tuner boxes incorporating teletext (plus analogue tv, connectors galore etc) but these tend to cost a few hundred quid.

Does anyone know of a device I can put in the chain that will allow me to be this? I'm going to get an AV tuner at some point, so one of these incorporating teletext would be fine.

I know we could record the subtitles off of the Pace Digital box, but that means leaving subtitles permanently on, something I find a tad irritating. I'll do it if there's really no other option, but I'd like to have the choice!

I have vague memories of seeing an advert in a magazine a few months back with an analogue tuner (+ teletext) for £130, but have no details :-( Anyone know of such products?





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Teletext is a major problem, one that I wish I could give you a solution for. Watching Sky live, some channels will give you text. But, off TiVo you only have what picture Sky was displaying. The only thing I would suggest is to record off Sky with subtitles on.

I can't think of any external boxes that would put teletext on to the screen for you. This is a bit specialist, and I would guess that someone working for any organisation for the hearing impaired would have come across this problem, and perhaps know of a solution.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.


Hi Ian,

Don't know how far you have got in your search, but in the November issue of 'HomeEntertainment' there is a small bit on recording subtitles.

It maybe worth a look.



Thanks Mike, I'll have a look.

I've tried out recording subtitles from the Digital Terrestrial, but it's a bit intrusive having them there all the time. And a real hassle to try and guess when they need to be on - otherwise why would I have a Tivo to do it for me!!

I've found a couple of obscure pieces of kit which might do what I need; more on that once I find out more.


Wahayyyy, I've found one!!!

Telemole TAD 150

The Telemole allows non teletext videos to record and non teletext TV's to display 888 off air teletext subtitles. The telmole also decodes pre-recorded closed captioned videos. Manufactured by: Telemole Ltd

180 x 55 153mm


Price band:
£201 +

HA compatible:

Not Known

Yeah, I knw it's a shame about the price, but at least I now know that they exist.


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Do you have a website?

I get asked for such a device every now and then, and I'd like to be able point people in the right direction.

All the best,


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