How to get rid of OpenDNS search results?


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How do I stop the annoying OpenDNS search results appearing when I can't access a web site?

I've recently changed ISP to Vivaciti on LLU and in the last week or two, I've started getting pestered by OpenDNS.

I never had this problem with my old ISP (Zen Internet).

I don't believe it's ISP-related but think some sort of program's got onto my iMac from a web site I've been on.

Equally annoying is that my bookmarks on my toolbar have the orange OpenDNS logo next to the text now.

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Open DNS is a free (mostly) service that allows you to replace your ISPs restrictive/slow DNS server or add rudimentary filtering of inappropriate websites (keep the kids off porn/chat/etc.. websites).

Click the Apple in the top left corner, then System Preferences, followed by Network.

Choose the Built in Ethernet or Airport network adapter (dependant on what you are using) and click configure at the bottom.

In the next window, under configure it should be set to using DHCP.

If you are still getting the OpenDNS search results there after your router may be set to use OpenDNS by the person that initially set it up for you or in deed your ISP uses OpenDNS instead of provided their own DNS server.
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