how to get optimum sound?


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i need some advice when setting my amp speaker levels to equal level do i use my dads dvd platininum disk or the amps test tones, and on the master volume do i put it on normal listening volume or 0.
i have no spl meter so u i have to use my ears.

i have a marantz sr4200 now for optimum sound do i use the source direct button or not.

does any one know of any companys that stock digital spl meters and accept solo

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A lot of questions!!

In my experience, it's always best to use the internal test tones from the amp. You could then use the ultimate dvd to make sure that your amp is set up correctly for both DD and dts. (this disc has test tones in both flavours)

It is best to set the volume level to 0 and then adjust all the channels to 75 db - once you have a spl, which you can buy from Maplins I believe. I don't know the phone number or web site address but I'm sure someone will help out.

Optimum sound eh? I have hd 2 of the *200 series Marantz amps. If you put the amp in Source direct and watch Sky 1 for example, you will get stereo sound. My advice to you is this - use source direct for DVD viewing - the amp will pick up the 5.1 channel automaticaly, and PLII for everything else - except music, use source direct for this also.

BUT BEWARE - using source direct puts all the speaker sizes to LARGE, thus sending a full range signal to ALL speakers - not good if you are using a sub sat system.

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