How to get my projected screen smaller? (Sanyo Z3)



I just mount ceiled my Sanyo Z3 from a distance of 4 metres (= 13 feet) away from my wall. I'm sitting 3 metres (= 10 feet) away from the wall.

I was going up and down with the "zoom lever" (I think it's called like that) so you make the projected picture bigger and smaller.. the smallest I could go is 85"

There's a rule about the distance you need to sit away from the screen + the measures of your screen, right? (diagonal: 85")

can someone tell me that rule? I think it was something with 1.5/2

I was a bit "shocked" I couldn't get the picture smaller than 85".. how can I get it smaller (IF the rule doesn't agree with me) ? Putting the Projector closer to the screen I guess.. but that isn't a practical solution

I was browsing through the menu and I found "Screen Size Adjustment": Full, Full through, Zoom, Caption in 1, Caption in 2, Normal, Normal through, Natural wide 1, Natural wide 2

with Full through and Normal through I can get my screen smaller, but I don't know..when I use those the PJ projects black around the picture... ? A lose in quality?

PS: 85" screens, are they easily to buy? I'd like to project my image totally on a screen, without white empy spaces.


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screens of all sizes are available - try roy jewlett or beamax (right spelling?) for screens if you are on a budget :O)


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i sit about 10-11ft away from my screen and its 86in diagonal.....its perfect, you should be very happy :)


Knyght_byte said:
i sit about 10-11ft away from my screen and its 86in diagonal.....its perfect, you should be very happy :)
I'm happy, that's for sure. ;)

Can someone tell me that rule though?

PS: Where in hell can I buy screens? I live in Belgium and I really don't have a clue where to buy a projector screen... some shops sell Projectors but no screens.. can I order them somewhere online? I want a decent 85" screen (if the rule goes fine, I want everything to be perfect ;p)


The rules is, you should view from at least 1.5 times the screens width.
Your screen width is 74 inches, therfore your viewing distance should be at least 1.5 x 74" = 111 inches, or 9 feet 3 inches. So your viewing distance of 10 feet should be ideal. :thumbsup:

Try these sites for projector screens. Link 1
Link 2


Not really a rule, more a rule of thumb or recommendation. Generally sitting any closer than 1.5x screen width isn't advisible. It's an individual thing though.

Shipping a screen from the UK to Belgium might not be feasible, cost of carriage etc. Look up the manufacturers' web sites for links to local suppliers.



If your on about working the distance the PJ has to be away from the screen for the diag size. There should be a guide in the manual. If not try looking around
Just use it as a guide though, DONT rely on it. Failing that..... Just get your PJ on mid zoom and match it to the screen. Mark the spot and fix there (if ceiling fix is possible) This will allow picture to go bigger than your screen or smaller if its not 100% right
Hope this helps


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if you want to try and see what a smaller picture would look like then you may be able to shrink it (at least for widescreen films) by setting your dvd player to '4:3 letterbox' instead of '16:9' and then set your pj to '4:3'

you can even shrink it further by moving your pj to one side (or up or down) and compensate with 'keystone' (if your pj supports it) - no one would recommend using 'keystone' if it can be avoided - but at least you can see if a smaller picture is more comfortable to watch

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