How to get my Dad back home?


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Repay the loan - get back the passport - buy ticket.


Who has the passport?


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He should contact the British embassy, they should be able to help with a temporary travel document especially with a UK resident as a reference. This counts asa stolen passport in my opinion for what that is worth.


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I'd look personally into seeing about how you can get your Dad a new passport myself.


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I'd look personally into seeing about how you can get your Dad a new passport myself.

Long term, definitely.
I think he would find it a lot easier to get it replaced in the UK.


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Could contact the embassy as a "lost passport" . . Get a temporary one to travel home on .. unsure how it would work as he has residency in that country tho.


Call the A team?

Bit of a cock thing to say not as if the thread is a show me your good looking misses thread or the youtube thread sounds pretty :censored: serious to me.

Can you not say your dad has lost his passport so he can do a bunk out the country.

Good luck mate


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Which province is he in? If he is close to San Luis, Pampanga then i have family there who could assist in getting him out over to Manila airport and ensure he is safe to get on it and back home. Passport wise if again he is close to us then get him a passport here and post it over to me to them and ok.

If he is not local then the British Embassy will assist, you need to ensure they are aware he is in a state of mental anguish and needs repatriating back to the UK - which you will pay for (golden ticket)..

good luck and if he is local, let me know..



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I see people been watching too many naff programmes on Sky. Residency is irrelevant. Is he a British citizen, yes or no? Does he have a British passport, yes or no? If yes to both then he goes to his local British embassy or consulate, report his passport as lost or stolen and then have a temporary travel document issued enabling travel to the UK. The old passport will be cancelled

Notwithstanding we are none the wiser as to what kind of loan requires a passport as security but then I suspect you don't want to say on a public forum


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Steven is correct, if he is a British Citizen with a British passport then he will need to contact the British Embassy who will be able to arrange an emergency travel document.

It happened to me in Switzerland when I lost my passport, the embassy deal with things like this all the time so tell him to go there.

It cost about £40 IIRC but it was 15 years ago.


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Right, as an ex FCO officer in the consular section, this is somewhat of a speciality of mine.

However, the others are right. If he is a British National then the Embassy can help him out. As long as checks with the UK passport office go OK, then an emergency passport will be issued. There is a fee, but that can be paid by yourself. HOWEVER, you must report it as a lost passport, not a stolen one. If you do, they may ask your dad to go throught the rigmarole of reporting it to the police and getting the police report form them. You can send money (i'm not sure of the fee) to the Desk Officer in the London consular section that deals with the Philippines, Once they have it they will instantly authorise the release of the passport. They will also accept some extra funds to pass on to him as long as they recieve them in the London office.

It really should be a straightforward procedure. Give the London desk a call. Call the switchboard and ask to be put through to the Consular Desk Officer for the Phillipines. They will tell you where to go from there.

Good luck. Sounds like he should deffo be back here with you.
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i know its probably not possible but it sounds like you or someone could do with going over there and getting him.

cant you get a message to him to go buy a cheap mobile or something?

the loan is surely irrelevant? get him home and forget about the loan, as he can just get another passport or at least get something to fly him home then why worry about the loan guys having his passport.

i hope you manage to get him home :) i know for my dad id do everything and anything to get him home

Boris Blank

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Well, I would say Christmas can wait until next year, and the year after that if need be.

Its more important to get your Dad out of a bad (and worsening?) situation than celebrate christmas. Not to put too fine a point on it, how much is your Dad worth to you? Missing out on Christmas is a small price to pay to get your dad's life (and yours) back together again.

I'd also be inclined to go get him, at least you are in control and able to deal with any issues that arise on the spot. Just make sure there is someone in the UK you can contact by phone or by email at the drop of a hat to support you as need be (flight info, money transfer, hotel bookings or whatever etc).

I'd sell everything and do anything to help a family member thats in trouble, I can always buy another car (or whatever) but I've only got one dad.

Sorry, also meant to say Good Luck and I hope it all works out for you.
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Agree with Boris, what more could you and your family want for Christmas than to spend time with your Father.

Can understand it's a tricky spot to be in though, I hope it all works out well for you :thumbsup:


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My dad passed away back in 2002. I would personally sell everything I own and walk all the way around the world and more if it gave me any chance of getting him back.

Solomon Grundy

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Surprised pjclark1 hasn't been on seeing as he lives in Thailand...he'd probably be able to say something about it.

Solomon Grundy

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actually, looking at his stats he hasn't been here for a month and a half...


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fair enough point mate. i dont think anybody was implying you should sell your house to go get him etc..

so basically hes currently missing? has be been in touch at all recently?

wouldnt the embassy help out some way? get the police to look out for him or something?

christ this would be worrying me sick. noone else in your family like a young lad that fancies a holiday?


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Not sure on the geography of your situation but I'd take BB3Lions up on his offer if it works out. Your Dad has been there for a few years, but not sure what age he is or how self sufficient etc.

The fact that you say you'd have to contact through the nutty wife suggests that although he wants away from her, he's still with her and pretty reliant on her. A friendly local contact to keep him on track would be a big help.

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