How to get more sound out of my iPhone over a PA system?


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Hi. Hope somebody can help me. I work in a shop at night and plug my iPhone6 straight into the PA system to play my musi over the shop floor. All the dials are locked away so I can’t turn anything up on the thing with the knobs and switches.....(yes I’m not good with technology) I plug my iPhone directly into the store speakers with a 3.5mm audio cable from the headphone jack on the phone..... turn up the sound on the phone as loud as I can but it’s still too quiet.
What would I need to buy to make the music sound louder?
Any help would be appreciated.

Please keep it simple tho as I’m not overly tech savvy. Uk Links to buy what I need would be helpful :)



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It is possible to get analogue line output from lightning iDevices - the headphone output is quiet on speakers because it is the headphone out - but it involves the camera connection kit to external amplifier or an apple certified amplifier

The cheapest way would be to buy the camera connection kit but you do not have access to the store amplifier to test


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Kodi has.....or used to,I don't use it anymore.....a built in amplification setting to over ride the devices volume control.
From there you can increase the volume beyond the devices max.
I've used it on android,don't know whether it would work on ios but if it does can you open your music files with Kodi ?

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