how to get more 'LFE' from yahama amp?



i have the following

Yamaha rxv620
toshiba 210e dvd player
mission fs2av speakers and sub

i dont seem to get a lot of bass or 'rumble'from my set up unless i turn my amp volume and bass upto full.
I have settings on my amp for dolby digital lfe which goes from 0 to -20 which one is more bass?
Also have the same with DTS but this goes from 0 to +10

Can anybody help me with the settings of this amp so i dont have to have my setting on the sub on full or is this okay to have on full?
Or is there a way of improving the bass by putting the sub on a paving slab its on the carpet at the moment.




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I have the yam ax620 and for the DD lfe, 0 is the greatest & -20 is the smallest. For dts it goes from -10 through 0 and to +10, where +10 is the greatest.

Turn sub volume (on sub) 1/2 way and adjust sub volume on amp. If sub volume on amp is to 0db, and with that being the highest, then turn the sub volume (on sub) up a little more.

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