How to get in to the industry? time served electrician


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my names martin im from the birmingham area and this i my 1st post so hello.

Im just looking at ways in getting into the av installer industry. And was wounding if any body could give me some pointers, hints, tips or help? what sort of training would i need? is there even any courses i can do?

Im a fully qualified time served electrician and i have just gone self employed (wrong time of the year i know)

Most of my electrical experience is in the domestic market which is the av field that i would like to get involved in. I have a little bit of commercial and industrial experience too. the last 12 months i have been installing solar pv in domestic sector in privately owned houses.
I wouldn't mind subcontracting for an Av installer company. But is there even a demand for a sparky in the industry?



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Hi Martin. I've no useful insights for you, I'm sure someone will be along soon with some, just wanted to say good luck as it takes some balls to go on your own. 'Hope everything works out for you
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