how to get browser to think you are in usa ??


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hi im looking at scifi website trying to watch an episode of heroes i have missed but says im not from usa how can i get around this this on apple mac or xp thanks


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You'll have to go through a proxy server that is located in the US. Have a search for "proxy server list" and then change your connection settings in whatever internet browser you are using.


Chris Muriel

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I use 1 of the USA-based server options for remote logging into our corporate VPN to do that.
I found the reverse whilst I was working in the USA for the 1st fortnight of April ; I couldn't get what I wanted from the website :(

Chris Muriel, Manchester


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If the site still said it I'm inclined to think you didnt configure you browser correctly or you didnt choose the correct proxy server.

I just tried which is a proxy in the US. If you go to after configuring your browser it should show the remote host as been:

Remote Host IP Address

Is this only needed for registration at the site? If you have to go through the proxy to also download the show it going to be pretty slow (most proxies dont have a great deal of bandwidth).


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