How to get best sound quality from Arcam FMJ DV27?


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I have the following bits of kit:
Arcam FMJ DV27 DVD Player
Arcam FMJ A22 Integrated Amplifier (2x Amps) + DAVE
Arcam FMJ P25 Power Amplifier (3x Amps)
Arcam FMJ P25 Power Amplifier (2x Amps)

With the second P25 bi-amping left and right speakers with the A22.

I am still using my old Arcam Alpha 8 CD player, via digital coax but will probably just use the DV27 for CDs instead. (Only had the DV27 for a couple of weeks and haven't tested yet.)

But how should I connect the DV27 to the A22 for best results?

For DVD playback it has to either coax or optical: which is best?

For CD playback it can be analogue, coax or optical: which is best with this setup?


Edited: added +DAVE for clarity


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Read this elsewhere...

"Optical output muted from 96 khz to 48kHz due to inferior 'quality of jack' available to the manufacturer."

Perhaps I should immediately unplug the optical cable and replace with a coax one.

So question is now: on my kit, which will give better sound on CDs, anlogue or digital coax?


PS: Was hoping for input from John Dawson ;)

Matt Horne

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Personally I would use the Coaxial for the Digital (DD/DTS) sountracks.. though you do not mention what processore you have for decoding (not that it matters).

For music I would use good quality phonos to the A22 as I believe the DACS are very good in the DV27..



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The A22 is the processor.

Why I ask, is that I read in another post in another thread that if you have the right combination of kit coax is better; but if not use the DACs in the player.

Think I will put it on the analogues anyway.

I should test myself, but I'm feeling full of flu and couldn't be bothered so thought I'd ask instead.



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I have a similar kit (although 1 less power amp) and I use a co-ax digital from the dv27 to the A22 ... works spectacularly with DD and DTS ...

I also use analogue leads for the 'audio' output from cd's and it seems a little smoother/warmer when listening to ... bit difficult to swap between inputs without a huge clunk from the relay a a few milliseconds of silence ...



I would agree I tested over a period of time and found that the Analogue interconnect route for CD playback was better than the Digital interconnect.

Difficult to describe exactly what the difference was really, but for me it sounded smoother and clearer and hence over a period of time less tiring to listen to.

Just my opinion anyway,


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