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How to get an online game?

Jon Weaver

Distinguished Member
I have to be honest and say that I am finding GT5 a bit dull.. To be honest, after Prologue and the the Acadamy download last year, I was a bit bored and didn't think I would buy it.. But I managed to get my copy from PCWorld for £19 and it was too good a deal to miss.

I have played it for a few hours and I have to say that for me, I am finding it terminly boring. Its not just the game.. Its the GUI and the 'Jazz' which gets under my skin.. I really can't be bothered to play it, as its probably a great game.. But for me, I just think that racing games have moved on...

And before I continue, please don't take offence by this.. If you like GT5 then please just accept that this is my opinion.. I can see why people like it, but its just not for me..

Anyway.. I want to give Online a bash.. .I eventually tracked down the 'button' to get in and then got hit by a list of lobbies.. I selected one and found that everyone had powerful cars (the F40 springs to mine).. But I had nothing.

And at that point I got a bit lost.. .Do I need to 'buy' a car to compete? Is there any way to get into a slower paced race, since I am a novice? How is online structured, and is there a way to choose a race based on my skill/choice of car?

I look forwards to your thoughts



Active Member

Best way to find a slower race online is to create your own lobby. Then you can restrict the BHP of cars and start out slowly !!

From experience most lobbys seem to be set unrestricted and it becomes a bit of a non race, but find the right lobby and I can assure you, you will change your mind about the game !! :smashin:

Maybe friend up with some of the guys on here to play online. There's bloody hundreds of AVF'ers playing !!

When you join the lobby, you should be able to go into garage (button at the bottom) and choose either recommended cars (it will sort depending on restrictions) or you can use one of your own cars if you have set it for online.

I'll stick my neck out and say best online game I've got ... even using comms is perfectly clear !!

Hope this helps !! :thumbsup:


Well-known Member
Online sucks abit at the minute, no structure to it and you don't get XP or cash but the actual racing is good, You can use from a list of cars in the online lobby which include a Zonda, GTR Race car, F40 etc. loads and they are always available depending if there are any restrictions. make sure you change your tyres to the best ones allowed as well eg Racing Soft if they are unrestricted, or you will be at a massive disadvantage

Jon Weaver

Distinguished Member
Thanks all.. I will give it a go.. To be honest, nothing that has been said above inspires me much... It still sounds dull.. I am sure that racing against real people can be exciting, but its the fact that you need to think about tyres which puts me off.

What I love about on-line play is when its accessible.. Easy to get involved and fun.. Unlike games like Grid, where it was fairly easy to get back into the race if you make a mistake, GT5 is looks a lot less forgiving.. More like, perhaps a Simulator?? Which is exactly what it is.. And this is the problem....

Some people like the fact that to play it takes skill. Its realistic.. Like real racing. So the fact that its a sim, and accurately reflects the physics of real cars is what they want... But for me, thats exactly what I don't like about it, as its not 'fun', in the sense that I am looking for.

I really want online to have some structure.. Some point... More than just raicing and hopefully winning.. The more I have read about NFS over the last few days makes me tempted to just give up on GT5 and give that a go instead.. I know they are different games.. But I think that a more arcade style or racer is all I have time for these days.

I just can't be bothered with a simulation. With something that takes real skill and practice.. I want something which is an unbelievable break from the real world...

I guess that perhaps I am tainted.. I have been lucky to have driven many hours on real circuits in some really nice cars... I also ran my own Kart for years.. Even though my most recent one could top 100mph (with the right sprocket/setup (it was called a Biland, look it up if you are interested)), I got bored of that.. Yes it was a thrill.. You never tire of the fact that you have a 2 cylinder 4 stroke, revving to over 14,000 RPM so it screams like a motorbike. But doing lap after lap after lap, just gets, I dare to say.. Boring??


Smiffy 2

Well-known Member
Have you tried Parappa the Rappa?

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