Question How to get a nicer rack ?


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Good citizens of AV Forumns,

With the Covid - 19 lockdown now reaching its 3rd week, with no end in sight, the list of tasks my wife has set me is drawing to a close, as such she is casting her eye on my AV rack and demanding a clear up.

As you can see from the pictures below, I started it with the best intentions of a clean install, alas I will admit it is a mess right now with wiring everywhere, my least favourite part is the network equipment, I can't find the right balance to have a. clean install.

Can you advise how you would improve it / clean it up / add / remove ?


As always, any and all help is greatly appreciated.


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Well if we’re going by the thread title get a different bra! :rotfl:

Your equipment rack looks ok to me, maybe get rid of any redundant boxes at 5he bottom
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