How to gain a bit of weight?


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A bit of a random one but after giving up the booze for 3 months at the start of the year and then seriously cutting down on my drinking habits when I resumed drinking I've ended up loosing over a stone.
I've never been big anyway and I've checked the BMI calculator and everything is all in the green but I'm edging a bit close to being too skinny for my liking and occasionally get a few comments asking me if I'm OK.
So basically I'm 5'10" and currently 10st 2lb and my bmi is 20.3, I'm fairly fit but I don't do any weight/strength training.
I always used to hover around 11st 5lb and I realise that the weight loss is due to cutting out the amount of booze I was drinking but apart from gorging myself on food I wondered if anyone can recommend any supplements or particular foods for weight gain.
I've had a look but it all seems to be geared up for people who want to gain muscle mass but I don't want that.


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If you're not strength training regularly then you're not gonna put on mass, it doesn't happen overnight, that's a long term plan, the simple answer is to just eat more, anything if you just wanna put on weight. Maybe drink extra pint or two of milk a day?

Stay away from supplements.


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The key thing is to eat healthy, it will help in the long run.

I would load up on carbs. Pasta, potatoes, oats, bread etc.
Load up on protein - chicken, greek yogurt, eggs, fish etc.
Find calorie dense food like nuts - and lots of them. Plus healthy fats too.

Of course, take advantage of the fact you want to add extra calories in your diet - enjoy it! Nutella sandwich anyone? However, just bear in mind that hitting a 12 pack of doughnuts, or 2 big mac meals etc to gain weight will lead to other issues with after effects of eating loads of crap food.

I find eating more often but smaller amounts is better than 3 huge meals.
Another option is making smoothies, shakes etc. Load of calories in liquid form.
I've tried bulk powders/ mass gainers in the past- very handy as you can easily hit 500 plus calories in one drink. Stick with brand names like USN, Optimum Nutrition etc. Its not a nice feeling having a huge tub of 5kg bulk powder that taste like s**t, and you're only used one scoop...


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Time to lift the weights. Work the largest muscles in the body.

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