How to flash AV32R-DP after changing the flash?


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I changed the Flash of my AV32R-DP. It was broken with error 1 at boot.

Does somebody know how to reload the code in the DP after that? I tried to load 4.1 firmware with the UpgradeWizard 2.25 but I got an error.

Thanks for your help.



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From the FAQ the error is:

Error 1 - EPROM Failure
Cursory checksum of software failed.
FLASH probably needs replacing.

However if this is the result of flashing the unit, it might be a bad flash.

Previously my "DTS fix" flash went unexpected and I had trouble. Link. However maybe just stubornly reflashing did the trick back then.

I assume you tried to reflash again?




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Yes, this is after Flash replacement. The unit was doing Error 1 all the time and I changed it for an AMD.

Not found a way to reflash the unit. The flash is new and seems well soldered. The problem is may be not with the new flash. I discovered a problem with the digital PSU too. Voltages start at 5v at boot and after 2 minutes goes up at +5.3v/-5.5v. Not nice.

I've sent it to Kevin as the unit seems to have multiple breakdown, and without schematics the digital part in close to impossible to repair.

Where did you find the Shark DSP Flasher software?



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Hello Stef,

this has been posted in the forums. See link. You will have to PM Steve.




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Thanks. I'll contact Steve.

The AV32R-DP is back. It was only a problem with the new flash (some pins not well soldered). Unfortunaly, license has been lost. I'm battling with IAG to have then restored. Still waiting for an answer from them...

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