How to fix KEF Q50 speaker?


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One of the speakers in my pair has become faulty. The volume has dropped substantially and the upper register has disappeared completely. If only the high frequencies were missing it would seem like a simple case of broken tweeter but does the problem with the volume indicate that the fault might lie with the crossover instead?

I only bought the pair for £120 so it doesn't seem worth taking them to a dealer to be repaired but I'd like to try it myself if I can figure out the problem and find replacement parts.


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The first thing to try is swapping the speakers over, to rule out a problem with the amp. If that proves inconclusive, swap the tweeters/drivers over. If the fault does not "move" then you know it's the crossover or a bad internal connection. It's not too hard or expensive to replace capacitors, but make sure you replace the same one in both speakers or they will sound different.

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