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The Bose must be 10 years old now but has had limited use and still sounds pretty good to my ears. It's in our second home which we only use for 6-8 weeks p.a. so I'm keen to avoid replacing it as tbh it doesn't get much use even when we are there (when the house is full of mothers-in-law etc.).

I have an old iPod classic (also about 10 years old) with about 100GB of .mp3 music which provides the source. But it's reaching the end of its natural life, is incredibly clunky to use and of course can't be controlled remotely by any kind of app. or GUI.

Ideally, I'd like to replace the iPod with something which can be controlled remotely and preferably by a PC-based GUI and I find 'phone apps a bit too fiddly (or maybe my 'phone is too small). But the problem I foresee is that any replacement for the iPod will need to fit the Bose docking interface.

I don't have a budget in mind, but any solution over £250 will make me start questioning the cost/benefit.

All thoughts/comments appreciated.



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That looks like it might have legs ... TVM!

So, next question. If I store all my music on an old Bluetooth-enabled PC, what is the best way to control playback. I may have missed something in the product description, but I don't think I understand how I do this.

At our first home, I have a Bluesound system and use their app on PC and 'phone to control playback and this works just fine. I prefer using the PC because it is always in front of me and has a bigger display than the 'phone, but I'm OK with the 'phone when necessary. What would an equivalent control app be to work with the Layen?

Appreciate your help!

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I would have thought that whatever device you are playing the bluetooth media from also controls playback. So if its the PC (assuming its compatible) you would use the controls on that or if media is on your mobile then you would control in with the phone.

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