How to ensure mobile isn't blocked after private sale


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Hi all

Quick one here...about to buy an iPhone privately..what measures can I take to ensure the phone isn't blocked down the line ( I.e. they claim on insurance or something)...

Getting a signed reciept from seller advising the phone was sold. Anything else I can do..
They sound genuine - but just to be sure



Dont think you can other than possibly notifying the network that you've purchased it if thats possible. All you can do is protect yourself by getting as much information from the seller that he sold it and you bought it from him in good faith, not stolen etc.

markie g

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As you say just make sure you get as much info as possible, keep copies of communication etc.

Why not check out the classified on here, there's some cracking sellers. Personally if you was to buy from classified I'd get one from a seller with 40+ feedback, just for peace of mind.


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Absolutely nothing. Even if you hypothetically were to prudently obtain full details, speak on a landline, collect in person and view their passport

The truth of it is you will never totally remove that element of risk with buying any second hand mobile handset. It is about mitigating your exposure; applying common sense and using sound judgement on each individual seller

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