How to embed a photo from Flickr on iPad

Discussion in 'Photography Forums' started by roll1later, Aug 25, 2017.

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    As this pops up from time to time I thought it may be helpful to do a tutorial for future new members. I've done this using my iPad and assume it'll work with Android as well.

    At the time of writing it's not possible to obtain the BB Code via the Flickr app, you have to use the browser on your device.

    Step 1

    step 1 small.jpg

    Open the photo you want to link and click the link arrow

    Step 2

    step 2.jpg

    Select the BB Code option and the size you want from the pop up window that appears, 800 wide works ok

    Step 3

    step 3.jpg

    Press and hold anywhere in the BB Code until a small section is highlighted, then grab the right handle and drag it down, not to the right.

    Step 4

    step 4.jpg

    If done correctly the highlight will disappear off to the right.

    Step 5

    step 5.jpg

    Once the highlight has been selected and disappeared to the right grab the left handle and drag that to the left to highlight the rest of the code, once dragged left and all the code is highlighted 'copy' will appear now just click on 'copy' and then 'paste' the copied link into your post.

    [​IMG]DSC6839 edit by
    Roll, on Flickr

    If you put a carriage return in before your name, making sure not to add any spaces, your name should appear neatly under your photo.

    Hope someone finds this useful :thumbsup:
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    Thanks, for older members too!

    Got it now:clap:
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