Question How to drive Tannoy Speakers


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New to all this AV stuff. I managed to get a hold of 12 of these speakers: CMS 801DC BM (mine dont have the can on the back). They are used (5 years), but by looks are new condition and next to never used, and never abused.

I am about to build a house, so I figure I can use them in the media room, and the bedrooms for speakers mounted in the ceiling.

In the bedrooms, I am thinking 2 speakers each room, being driven by a Raspberry Pi and a DAC - not perfect, but I have them already - NEW Pi-DigiAMP+ - IQaudIO Limited Is there any issue that these are 2x35w, and the speakers are 100w each. Will they work at least, for my 10year old and 15 year old kids to watch and listen in their rooms?

For the TV room, I have no idea. I am thinking 6 speakers in the ceiling(3 on each side), a 4K screen. But what else?

My content will comes from Xbox and Apple TV both as 4K. TV shows and Movies. Never really listen to music.

I am assuming I need:
a sub
a receiver
a middle speaker

Any suggestions please? And how future proofed is this?


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Ceiling speakers are not ideal for TV/projector use. You really want your speakers the same height as your screen, or on the floor/stands.

In ceiling speakers for casual music listening is fine, as is your idea to use a raspberry pi.


Agree. Ceiling speakers are for shops. All your main speakers should be a seated head height.


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So really I should keen the ones for music, and ebay the rest and buy some normal speakers?

I still like the idea of them not 'in your face', are In-Wall speakers ok?


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In-wall or on-wall would be much better.

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