how to do a picture test on oled B6v


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Sep 1, 2016
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Hi i have been facing issues with my oled B6v.
and i have been asked by LG to do a picture test before they will send an engineer out to visit
for a fault with my tv.
i currently have 4 dead pixels and major color banding on the screen,
it either goes bright green with a red line down the
or bright purple the entire picture with a line down the side.
i had forwarded these photo's to LG direct via the company i got my television from
however this does not seem to warrant a technical visit without more screen shots of
the dead pixels or the images i sent to them of the screen going multi colors. and having a huge line down the right side of the television.
i cant say i have been impressed with support from lg regarding my fault as i have now been waiting over 2 weeks to even get a response email as to can i get a technical visit.
seemingly they need more then the 5 pictures i have already sent them over 1 week ago.
if anyone knows or can aid me on how i do the picture test would be appreciated
How old is the TV? And what have the retailer said, whom you bought the TV from?

If the TV's less than 1 year old, you should be dealing directly with the retailer as it's them you have a contract with and they should be facilitating the repair. Put the pressure on them and remind them of your rights as a consumer if needs be. :smashin:

The tv was purchased Jan 30th.
The fault first appeared the day I got the TV
The screen shots are dated 30th Jan.
I was initially told it was my hdmi cables maybe faulty
I replaced them and it worked ok.
But I logged that complaint in store and they fobbed me off with saying it might be the sky box,
So I bought sky q
It still did it and then I started to see strange banding
On white or black backgrounds
But if I move the hdmi cable in the port it would show defects.
The retailer say it's down to LG to fix.
And they say if they are not helpful to go back to them
And they will work something out ?
But no more specific then that.
But when you spend £2500 you expect better support.
They are lying. It's for them to sort out as you made a legally binding contract with the retailer when you paid them to buy the TV. First thing I'd do is go back and threaten them with Trading Standards stating your rights as a consumer and that your contract is with them for the first 12 months of ownership, to rectify faults/ replace/ refund. If they don't budge, and you bought the TV with a credit card, get in touch with them and take it from there.

So today i finally got an engineer to visit
he said LG wont replace the TV for 3-4 dead pixels which he has confirmed,
however he said he had found one other major issue with the TV and it was major banding
i had noticed the banding on amazon but i thought it was due to the app or being online
but he loaded up some test patterns and the white backgrounds where really bad
and all dark colors where really bad,
he said the panel has some major fault and needs to be replaced.
and he has to wait for LG to confirm they A have a replacement panel,
if they still make them for the B6.
or he said it will be classed as written off and therefor i would get a refund.
but having a refund wont get me a replacement B7 TV for anywhere near the price i paid for my B6.
which gives me to alternatives a smaller 55" b7 or look at a non LG tv in the 65" range
Not the best alternatives i want a 65 tv and i want OLED tech.
anyone else been in a similar situation
and had a positive outcome.
i am not sure what my best alternatives are right now
get a refund and get a 65" led TV
or downgrade to a 55" b7 for similar price point.

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