How to dial US number on UK phone while in US


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Just back from NYC where had problems dialling a US number on my UK mobile - wondering where I went wrong.

The number was 212-1111-2222 type format - well it started with 212!!!

So tried dialling:

001 212 etc
01 212 etc

What should I have dialled??


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To the best of my knowledge, because your phone is using the American network you don't need to dial the 001, just the number as stated ........... 212 etc.



Jay Z

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When you are dialing out, you have to include the country code and the area code. With USA, there are different codes for the areas.


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It should have worked if you did +1212 etc.

I tend to keep all my contacts stored in that style format. e.g. +447123456789 for a uk number of 07123 456789.

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