How to diagnose an intermittent router/WiFi/internet/iPad fault


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I wasn’t sure what section if the forums to put this in so thought I would try here first.
A few weeks ago I changed my ageing iPad Air 2 to a new Air 4. Nothing else has changed. I now have an issue where my iPad randomly disconnects from the internet. The WiFi still looks to be connected but the iPad doesn’t load web pages or any other data from the internet. Turning the WiFi off and back on resolves the issue. This doesn’t happen often, maybe only once or twice per day and when it does happen no other devices are affected (including other ipads).
I thought I had been sent a faulty iPad so returned it to apple who sent me a replacement which does the exact same thing. I checked for a router firmware update but there isn’t one available.
Is it possible I have been sent a 2nd faulty iPad or could it be these new iPads aren’t 100% compatible with my router?


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ISP routers tend to bind 2.4GHz & 5GHz to the same SSID. Have a Google or check the manual & see if they can be split to separate SSIDs. At least then you'll know which band you're connected to & can see if the issue happens on both.

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