How to delete photo stream photos?

monkey business

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I understand that you are unable to delete individuals pictures from photo stream. However, are you able to erase all of the pictures on it?

I go into my iCloud settings and turn photo stream off. It then tells me if I turn it off all my pictures will be deleted. Great! But when I turn it back on again the pictures start reappearing in photo stream.

Any ideas?



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There's no way to delete them, will be coming in 5.1 tho

Only way to get rid of pics is to add more to photo stream and the old pics won't show up


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gkpm, do you know if there will be an iPhoto update for OSX to delete photostream pics manually also, as I generally just import them from my 4S using the sync cable ?!


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And the 5.1 update will allow us to delete individual pics, not just the entire stream?

Bit of an oversight on Apple behalf, not having this option to start with really.

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