How to decide what size and what TV to buy?


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As the above people, just wanted to find out how can i decide what size tv to buy and also what type (plasma, led etc..)



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Size is driven by space available and viewing distance

Plasma versus LCD - uses for the TV, budget, lighting in the room, windows, personal preference

You need to give a LOT more info :)


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Size is driven by space available and viewing distance

Plasma versus LCD - uses for the TV, budget, lighting in the room, windows, personal preference

You need to give a LOT more info :)
i know just meant what type of info do i need to make that decision lol


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Errr not necessarily, it does depend what you are using it for, what the light is like in the room, the viewing angles etc. I would say better to have a higher quality smaller TV, that a big cheap one...or we'd all get out TVs from Tesco and Argos lol

Chaz - uses, viewing distance etc etc - that's what you need to know


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I would agree at its simplest as big as poss! But of course you also really need a Hi def source, and I would say a surround sound system. So price and hence size may get chiped away at.


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How bigs my room, how far from the set will I sit, SD can look bad on abig set if too close.

How bright does my room get, do I have big windows etc. Plasma and many LCDs have glass screens that creat reflections, plasma isnt,as bright as LCD and can become washed out in strong light. Many sets have filters, Panasonics top end sets have the best filters and work well in quite bright rooms.


LCD vs Plasma:
What will I use the set for: Plasma has better motion than LCD so for sport plasma is best. Gaming wise plasma has low lag but does get IR unlike LCD. SD viewing on plasma is closer to CRT so is seen as better for SD. Bluray films? depends on preferance, some like plasma others LCD.
3D wise active on LCD has a lot of cross talk so best to go passive. 3D is only active on plasma.

Active v Passive:
You need to compare an see what you prefer.

Theres now two forms of back light, CCFL(single bulb) or LED back lit.
LED comes in two forms, edge an full array. Edge lit are the thinnest sets and by far cheaper than full array. Pros of edge lit is cost of running, thin sets, better contrast than CCFL. Cons of edge lit are more back light bleed and fogging, worse light uniformity due to light having to be spread from the edge of the screen, some sets are better than others.
Full array back lit LEDs are the best LCDs you can get, but cost the most and theres very few sets available. full array have better uniformity, deeper blacks with higher contrast.

All LCDs have viewing angle issues, the amount varies a lot though on type of set and make/model.


Three manufacturers of plasma, Panasonic, Samsung and LG. LG are the cheapest but have lighter black levels, more IR, high lag and coulour reproduction isnt the best,models do vary though. Samsung are better with better PQ, deeper black level and less IR than LG. Samsung are up there in the 2011 range with Panasonic though black levels are lighter, IR is slightly more likely. Panasonic are jyst about the top dog but Samsung are comparable in most areas and better in some. Best to read reviews and owners threads.

Plasma vs LCD:

LCD can go brighter than plasma and many still have matt screens. LCD is better for a bright environment. LCD also doesnt get IR.
Plasma has no uniformity issues, has the deepest uniform black levels with more shadow detail. Plasma doesn't have viewing angle restrictions or motion blur. Burn in is more likely on plasma but extreamly rare now.
Plasma is better for dark environments.

So info needed.

Room size and seating distance
Do I want 3D

Hope this helps.:)

Just to add, plasma and 3D are best demod in a demo room, with content you provide. Plasma can look washed out under bright store lights, many sets are setup poorly(inc LCDs) content can make a huge differance when viewing on the shop floor, best content often going to the set they want to sell the most, loften sets are just thrown out and its pot lucj whats displayed. Sound and vision, RS and other specialists are the best places to go, then JL over the likes of Currys etc.
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