How to cure intermittent internet connection


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Hi everyone,
I am having problems with the internet connection with my sky broadband router. The actual wifi signal is not dropped but from time to time (I'm talking every 5 minutes, very very annoying) the internet through my web browser will come up with the page load error - address not found. This will last for a variable amount of time usually around a minute and I will have to keep retrying the webpage until the internet connection returns.

This is the same on all the computers in the house - 1 main desktop computer and 2 laptops.

What could I try to solve the problem please?

Thanks in advance


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hi i had very similar problems with my sky router the white netgear one .(forgot model number) I now have mine attached to a timer socket and for 30 mins each night the router switches off as such its a lot more stable and i have had no problems for nearly six months! Try this yourself turn off each morning or night and see if it affects your problems !


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if the internet light on the router goes to abmer for about 10 to 20 seconds then i would say the router is on its way out. i had the same problem and they told me it was the router that was knackered and they sent me through a new black sagam after doing all the normal checks as in which socket and the normal blurg.
I had very slow internet and constant disconnections after having Sky installed. In desperation I used a filter where the Sky telephone lead plugged into a BT socket and normality returned.

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