How to copy from VCR to DVDR?



I can't copy from VCR to DVDR
I have a Sony RDRHX900 ; a Sony VCR ; a Sky digibox and a TV with 2 RGB scarts and a normal one.
I have the following connections :-
TV scart of Skydigibox to Line 3/decoderof DVDR
TV output of DVDR to TV RGB scart
TV aerial to digibox
Digibox RF out 1 to DVDR
DVDR aerial out to VCR Antenna in
VCR antenna out to TV aerial in
Line 1 VCR scart to TV non RGB scart
Line 2 VCR scart to VCR scart of digibox

I can playback the VCR which switches to the non RGB scart but when I try to playback the VCR via the RGB scart using the Input selector on the DVDR it will not playback the video

Can anyone help - is this a connection problem or do i need to tune something else in? :(


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I'm no expert on this and dont have the same equipment as you, and I'm sure you will get some other input, but here goes :D

Unless you've missed some connections I cant see how you get the video signal to the DVDR? Do you use the TV (some passthrough AV signals)? Also the RF loop goes through the DVDR before the video so cant use this method either, not that you would want to I suspect.

If you have missed something off the list then the following comment

when I try to playback the VCR via the RGB scart using the Input selector on the DVDR it will not playback the video

would lead me to the conclusion that you are plugging the VCR into a scart which is set to RGB and the VCR doesn't support RGB.

Anyone else like a shot? :confused:



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Although I am not familiar with the actual equiment you use I have a similar set-up with a mixture or DVD, DVD-R, STB and VCR. I prefer to use RGB wherever possible. The only thing I have to remember is the VHS will (usually) only record and plyaback with composite video on SCART. Although I have some RGB devices in between the VHS and the TV I usually have to switch the TV input SCART to composite to get the VHS signals. I then change it back to RGB when using RGB type devices. Hope this helps


Thanks for the replies.
I thought that the input from the VCR would go via the Digibox or is that not the case?



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Again I'm not sure of the particular VCR model you have but my JVC only outputs on one of the scarts so you can either have it connected straight to the TV, or to the digibox not both.

Try connecting the scart from VCR to digibox using the other scart on the video. You could then use the passthrough to watch the video via the digibox scart on the TV, I think!


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