how to convert MP3 for cd changer..


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Hi I 've just bought a car which has a Pioneer 6 disc cd changer in it, but it's about 10 yrs old so won't play MP3, is there anyway I can convert the mp3 to play in this changer. Also if I can't do it that way, can you just change the cd changer rather than the head unit aswell, I know you prob can't change between brand ie, have a pioneer head unit and a sony changer but how bout if I bought the same brand just a newer changer from pioneer?
thanks for looking


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You can use something like Nero to burn MP3s to an audio CD, is that what you're after?


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yeah thats the kind of thing, I didnt really want to buy a MP3 changer unless I could really help it. I sit just a simple process of adding the files to a window and burning them.


Yeah in Nero just create an audioCD and drag your MP3s to it, it'll do it on the fly when burning :)

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