How to connect Yamaha Soundbar and Humax Freesat box


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Hi chaps

might be straight forward to you guys, but trying to figure out this dilemma🤣

my mums got a new Panasonic TV, she only ever uses a Humax Freesat box and it’s TV Guide to watch programs from, and ones she’s recorded, I’ve connected the Humax to back of the TV using HDMI
(All good👍🏻)

she sometimes uses the TV’s built in Netflix and Amazon Prime apps aswell

I’m getting her a used Yamaha YAS-93 soundbar

what’s the best way to connect the sound bar to the TV?

It only has optical out, do I plug the soundbar to the TV itself, or the soundbar to the Humax?

if I just connect the soundbar to the TV, will the sound come out from the Humax as that itself has separate Volume controls...

Joe Fernand

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Humax HDMI > TV HDMI then TV Optical > Soundbar Optical would be the usual connectivity.

You will have to have a play with the various remotes to see what ‘automation’ you can create with the least number of remotes, you should be able to set the TV digital audio out to variable.

You could consider a programmable remote such as a Harmony and have a single handset.


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