How to Connect Virgin Cable Broadband & Phone - CAT5?


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I would be very grateful for any assistance, please!
(I know very little about all of this :rolleyes: ) and get different answers each time I ask someone!

I have moved into a new build - there is CAT5E cabling, terminating in 'phone sockets' in 4 rooms, A,B,C,D, with the loose cable ends in the basement, E.

I have had installed Virgin Broadband, and Virgin telephone, which enter the house into Room D, close beside the CAT5E 'phone socket' in that room.

What do I need to do to give me phone and broadband network at each socket in rooms A,B,C,D?

Rough pic attached ... HouseCabling Drawing.doc

I've got as far as - I think I need to feed the telephone and cable broadband from where they come into the house in room D, into the CAT5E cable socket in room D (how?), which takes them down to the collection of loose ends in E, and I then connect them all up to some kind of 'connector' board in E, where the ones coming in from D will then go out to A, B and C, and possibly D again?

And then at each socket, can I either get a socket with both a telephone point and a broadband network point, or do I get one of those little plug-in gizmos which allow me to plug both in.

I assume that I decide which colour wires are the cable broadband network, and which pair is the phone? At the moment, the sockets are wired with brown left out, and orange, blue and green paired from the wire upwards, into the 6 connection points inside the current sockets.

I've looked and found what I would guess would be suitable ADSL equipment, etc, but can't find anything to do with cable broadband and telephone .... please can anyone tell me how to do this, and what to buy?

Grateful thanks!


  • HouseCabling Drawing.doc
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Unless you can show otherwise it looks to me that someone has installed ethernet RJ45 plates in the rooms and run the cabling into the basement so that it can be plugged into a router meaning that the cabling from the router is hidden in the walls.

If this is RJ45 ended CAT5e plug each cable into the router, and then just plug the router into the modem connected to the broadband line. Or if your router has 4 ethernet ports plug the CAT5e cables into that.

A snazzy way of doing it if I am right, stick the router out the way, but still enabling you to plug in a hardline if you need, similar to how an office or school does it.


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Yes, the builder has put telephone sockets on the walls on the end of the cat5e cables - presumably in case not everyone wanted a network but probably wanted telephones.

They are definitely phone sockets, and not RJ45s, but easily taken off when needed! 3 pairs of wires are wired in, with the brown pair unconnected.

If my cable broadband came into the basement, it would be easier, but it comes in to the room above! Likewise the virgin telephone master socket. So I have to figure out how to get them down to the basement first.

I wasn't sure who would reply here, so I then posted the same query on digitalspy - Home > Forums > Personal Technology Forums > Computing and Networks > How to Connect Virgin Cable Broadband & Phone - CAT5E (sorry, I don't know the etiquette about this)

- various cogitations going on there too! I also posted some diagrams and pictures -

Hope those help. Thanks!


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You've given us links to the thumbnails used to link to the full sized pictures there, I'm afraid they're not terribly useful. If you don't want to use thumbnails (you need the full code in one of those two boxes) then use the show link instead.


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no, it seems not ... I did get the full links, but when I posted the quick reply, it shortened them :(

well, maybe it has worked, as I get a full image when I click on them ... or maybe that's just because it's me?
I'll wait to see if it works for you before I try again.


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You are positive they are RJ11 sockets, because it makes no sense.

I would contact the person who wired up the house and get them to tell you what the hell they have done.

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