How to connect up all my stuff.


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Here's a list of the kit I've got, and I'd like advice on the best way to connect this all up please ...

Sky SD box.
Tivo Series 1.
Philips DVD player.
Old VCR with SCART.
Sony 5.1 AV amplifier with optical audio.
Panasonic 32" SD CRT TV with 2 Scart connections (only one does RGB I think).
TV also has Yellow (composite?) and red/white sound cables on the front which I use for playstation.

I've just been reading a post about connecting the DVD player into the Sky box so both Sky and the DVD share the RGB connection.

Guess I could then connect the VCR to the AV2. Hardly play VCRs now, but still have a few films that the kids watch.

Shame I can't use the optical connection from Sky to get better sound, but as it's through TiVo the sound would come a few seconds before the picture, so that's not gonna work.

My AV Amp also has an RF output, which would enable me to use the amp for switching sources, but would give a cruddy picture I guess.

You can see I'm getting confused here. :)

It's all working OK (ish) now for me, but confuses the hell out of everyone else like the baby sitter.

I've also got a SCART switcher with remote, which I don't use any more.



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