How to connect two TVs for simultaneous viewing of the same content?


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Previously we had an old Samsung TV (not smart TV) which was driven by an Apple TV box connected to our WiFi. The TV died yesterday, so we got a new Samsung Crystal smart TV. We've set it up to talk to our Wifi, so we no longer really need to use Apple TV.

However, previously we had the Apple TV (and a BlueRay player) connected into an HDMI splitter so we could simultaneously watch the Samsung TV and an LG smart TV that is nearby in the next room.

Is there any way we can connect one TV to mirror the other (preferably the LG showing what's on the Samsung), so we can watch/listen to the same content on both screens? Either wirelessly or by HDMI cable would be OK.

We've been digging through the menus and can't find anything, although the LG can "see" the Samsung TV when the Samsung's menu is set to the submenu for connecting to a PC. When you leave that submenu, the Samsung disappears from the LG's list of devices.

Of course, we're asking the Samsung to send it's signal OUT of its HDMI port, which may not be what it's intended for...

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