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How to connect TV\Freeview\DVD Recorder?

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by boppa, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. boppa


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    I've been searching the forums trying to work out how it would be best to connect these three pieces of equipment, but I haven't been able to find anything that would work (mainly because my TV has only one scart socket :(). So, I was wondering if you could help.


    TV: Philips 23PF8946
    1 x RGB scart
    1 x S-Video
    1 x Composite
    1 x VGA

    DVD Recorder: Sony RDR-GX700
    1 x RGB scart ('TV')
    1 x non-RGB scart ('Decoder')
    1 x Component out
    1 x S-video
    1 x Composite

    Freeview box: Sony VTX-D800U
    1 x RGB scart ('TV')
    1 x non-RGB scart ('VCR')

    I would like to use RGB where possible for the best quality, but I realise that beacuse the TV only has one scart this may not be possible (unless I got some sort of scart switch box; if so, any recommendations?).

    The other complication is that I would like to use SMARTLINK between the freeview box and the DVD if possible. However, in the DVD manual it says that I can only use it through the TV scart, but with the ouptut selected to Video, and that I must use the VCR scart on the freeview box.

    I just can't figure out what would be best!

    Thanks in advance,

    boppa :smashin:

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