Question How to connect Technics SE GE70 (EQ) with Denon AV RX2500H?


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Dear All

I want to connect a Technics SE GE70 graphic equaliser with my Denon AV RX2500H receiver. I know that there really is less of a need to integrate the external EQ with my receiver since the receiver already has Audyssey or I can do a manual EQ for internal equalization. However, I really like the separated stacked units, thereby, the EQ for its display lightings. Is there any way to connect the EQ with the receiver just for the lighting and aesthetics? When I play a song in my tape deck or CD player or watch a movie, I want the EQ to light up. Any suggestion would be helpful.

Kindly use simple words as I am a novice in this. Thanks in advance.

My current system:
Denon AV RX2500H
Technics RS BX501 (cassette deck)
Technics SE GE70 (eq)
Sony UBP X800 (DVD player)
(I wish to add a Technics Tuner and CD player to give it a complete look, however, no idea if that will be possible or not).

Monitor Audio Bronze 2, Centre, W10 sub. I will add Bronze 5 and ceiling speakers in future to make it a surround system.


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You might be able to use the zone 2 pre-outs going into the EQ and then set the zone 2 audio to follow the main zone (ie duplicate).

I'm afraid I don't know the rest as I have never done it myself, so you'll have to check the manual, but there is a clue anyway to get you started!


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Thanks Rambles! How do I set the zone 2 audio to follow the main zone? Sorry I am inexperienced in this.

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I have not really used other zones much, there is some information in the manual:


There should be a zone settings in the main menu, so go in there and make sure that zone 2 is switched on.

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