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Hi All,

I will be purchasing a subwoofer with only a balanced XLR input (I will be getting a lead with it that converts line level phono to XLR). The sub is a REL Stadium II (I think its a 2 anyway) and I'm told by the seller that it only has this XLR connection.

However, I now have a dilemma. I intend on purchasing a dedicated 2 channel amplifier to handle stereo duties from my DAC20, and also for front channel in movies (fed from front preouts on my Sony DB930). Amp that I'm considering is a Roksan Kandy mkII.

Now, how do I wire in the sub to work with both 2 channel and films (and also cut the low frequencies to the Mission 773e's during stereo duties)?

Or, another option is to trade in the Sony and get a better AV amp that handles stereo well, say a Marantz to handle all duties.

Please let me know your thoughts.



Have a look at the Rel website as I believe they offer advice on connecting the sub.

From what I gather Rel advise connecting High and low levels.

Connect the high level to your hifi amp speaker outputs. Set up the sub high level volume and frequency to take over at the natural rolloff frequency of your hifi speakers. That takes care of music and full range sound to your fronts.

Set the front speakers to large in the AV amp so the full range is sent to them and your Sub will fill in the bottom frequencies for you.

Connect the Low level input to the sub out on your AV amp. This will now direct the LFE channel to the sub. You can set up that volume independantly.

Your sub should now do two tasks, fill in the lower end of the spectrum missed out by the main speakers on the front channel and will also output the LFE recorded on DVD.



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This is what is concerning me if I get the new Velodyne CHT-15 subwoofer.

My system is set up exactly the same way as joust's .

At the moment I have a REL Q100E which has seperate volume controls for hi and low level, which means that when I'm watcing a movie I turn the volume right down for hi level (otherwise the sub would be getting two lots of bass: one from my hifi amps and one from the surround amp).

It works brilliantly that way, but will I be able to do the same with the Velodyne?

Any help will be appreciated.

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