Question How to connect sources to new LG CX ?

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Hi all,

What is the best, most optimal way of wiring up all my components in order to maximise both the sound and the picture quality from various sources ?

Here are the components:
- Sony 1080 AV Receiver
- Nvidia Shield 4K Pro
- Virgin V6 box

For example,
- should I connect all the sources to the Sony AVR and output the picture to the LG whilst passing back the sound from the in-built TV tuner and on-board LG apps to the AVR through eARC ?
- Should I connect certain components through the AVR (eg the Virgin box) and others direct to the TV (eg the Nvidia box) ?
etc ?

Also, if I add a next gen console in the future, I assume that should be connected direct to the TV (to take advantage of HDMI 2.1) and again output the sound to the AVR ?

Thanks for your help and advice


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All sources into avr then ARC to TV.

I use optical myself because ARC can cause handshake issues.


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Can you pass the video/picture to the TV via ARC and/or optical ?
I thought that was just for sound ?

Also, I don't believe ARC can handle the newer standards like Atmos, you need eARC through HDMO for that ?


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Personally would connect the Virgin V6 and the Nvidia Shield to the HDMI inputs on your A/V amp and then the amp via HDMI out to your new TV.
The only reason you would need an optical connection or ARC is if you use the inbuilt TV (Freeview tuner) instead of the V6 for tv channels or if you do get one of the new next gen gaming consoles (PS5 or Xbox) then not sure if your Sony a/v amp supports HDMI2.1 so you might need to connect the gaming console to the tv and then use ARC for sound back to your a/v amp.
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