How to connect set-top box to soundbar and computer monitor?


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Sorry for the newbie question, but I'm just trying to understand how to connect things together.

I want to connect 3 devices - none of which I currently own!
  • Denon Home Sound Bar 550
  • Eizo ColorEdge CS2420 LCD Monitor
  • Manhattan T3•R Freeview Play 4K Smart Recorder

The Manhattan set-top box will receive television signal from aerial/internet. Ultimately, I want to see the video on the monitor and hear the audio through the soundbar obviously.
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that I send both audio and video from the Manhattan set-top box to the soundbar via HDMI. Then, the soundbar sends the video signal onwards to the monitor, via HDMI. Is that correct?

For reference, here's an image of the connections at the rear of the soundbar:
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Joe Fernand

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Yes Source > Soundbar > Display will work.

Any reason for selecting the Eizo Display which is 16:10 and an odd resolution if you are using it primarily as a ‘TV’ monitor and being HDCP 1.4 will restrict you if you ever plan to go to 4K UHD.

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I'm not using the monitor primarily for watching TV - its use is (or will be) primarily as a computer monitor for work and particularly for photo editing. But, I live in a small apartment, and I am wondering how I can get away space-wise without buying a second screen, i.e. doubling up the monitor for TV use.

Thanks for your reply.
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