How to connect HTS2001 subwoofer



Just bought the Kef eggs, second hand no cables. My old subwoofer just had coax in, but this one has left/ right in. As input level, cross over and phase adjust. Who has this set and can tell me how to set it up. Might sound very noob, but heard different story's in different shops. Some say only use left input, some say both... etc. I want to hook it up with good quality cables but are these also necessary for the rear.

Can you have a better connection, with banana plugs , can you connect them yourself on cables ?



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Use a single coax into the left channel dont worry about both.

All the spaekers should be connected to the speaker connections on the amp and dependasnt on the amp you may or may not need to adjust the crossover point manually.

If your amp has an auto setup feature you can set the crossover on the sub to its highest setting and let the amp set the crossover point. If not then you need to do this manually. Withe the Kef eggs you will be looking at around the 100hz-110hz mark or there abouts as a starting point.

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