Question How to connect an external antenna to JVC Videosphere


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I have been given a JVC Videosphere television and would like to connect an external signal to it.

There are 2 black “ports” on the back labeled VHF and UHF but I have no idea how to plug into them.

I plan on running an RF signal in from a VHS player, so need to find what kind of connector or terminals I need to use.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, John


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Thanks, I had seen that video but the setup looks really dodgy (refer picture... I would like something more secure).

Was actually hoping to find a proper plug for this kind of “socket.”

Wonder if 2mm banana plugs would work.


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This is the type of plug you need, taken from this page.

Videosphere Aerial Plug.jpg

Google doesn't give any other results so I think you might struggle to get an original plug, in which case a 'bodge' will be justified ! Presumably, the closer the width of a suitable connector is to the width of the hole, the more secure the fit will be.

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