How to connect a subwoofer to a yamaha A-S500


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im wondering if someone can help me. ive just bought a yamaha a-s500 stereo amp and i want to buy a wharfedale 10 sx sub to go with it. i have 2 pairs of speakers connected to the amp and want to add the subwoofer. on the back of my amp, i have a sub woofer out.

What im really confused about is, how do i connect this to the wharfedale amp?! with an av receiver u just need a single sub cable but is this the same for a stereo amp?

the back of the wharfedale 10 subs have line level input/outputs with L and R channels and also have speaker level inputs. Would i have to use a Y connector or just a normal cable?

bit confused what to do as im a noob when it comes to subs!

any help is much appreciated!
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