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How to connect a sub for movies and music ?

Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by Beddie, Jan 6, 2002.

  1. Beddie


    Jul 19, 2000
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    I have a Yamaha A5 which I use as a processor. It drives the centre and rears, but I use the pre-outs to connect to my main hi-fi amp, which then drives the front speakers.

    I don't have a sub, but it will be my next purchase. I know that it connects to the A5 using a phono lead, and that it will work fine for DVDs, but what about music? I could connect it inline using the high level inputs, but that would then interfere with the line level input when listening to a movie.

    Does anyone have a similar setup, and if so how have you connected your sub? If I have to use it for movies only I will, but if I can use it for music as well that would be great!

    I was thinking of a Yamaha YST320 or 800 sub, if that helps.
  2. Haris Mav

    Haris Mav

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    I have a similar set-up. I own an A5 too driving center and surround speakers and Musical Fidelity Rainbow-Typhoonx2 combination driving front speakers. My sub is a REL Q150E.
    The Q150 low level input is connected to the A5's sub out and
    the high level input is connected to the MF power amps speaker
    outputs. I use the first connection for Home Cinema and the
    second one for 2-channel Hi-Fi.
    I stongly recomend you to take a look on the REL Q range instead of the Yamaha's especially if you want a sub for
    music and not only for movies. Last issue of What Hi-FI
    is very helpfull. There is a subwoofer test and the REL Q150E is
    the winner with its overall performance. The Yamaha 800 gets
    full marks with movies.

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