How to connect a Mac mini to my AV receiver?


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I have spent an hour searching through posts, articles and YouTube videos without success.

Files for reference:

AV RX-V2085 Manual -

Apple Mac Mini M1 Tech Specs: Mac mini - Technical Specifications

I currently own the receiver listed above. I’ve never connected a computer to an AV receiver before. Naturally, my goal is to have 5.1 high quality audio with whatever I do with the Mac computer.

I may be overthinking this, but how do I connect this, and with what cables? I don’t think it’ll be as easy as plugging an HDMI cable from the back of the computer to an AV receiver HDMI input, is it? If so, do I change the audio settings in the Mac for it to look for the audio via HDMI?

I’ve read that I may need some kind of S/PDIF, DAC or USB cable solution. If so, this is where the Mac suffers as it only has Thunderbolt, HDMI, USB-A, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. S/PDIF is not built in, so I read I may need a Thunderbolt dock that can do S/PDIF.

This is where it all got fair confusing for me. If someone can tell me a quick and surefire way to set this up, I would be most grateful.

Thank you!



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Apart from ensuring you also have a display connected to the receiver, this should work absolutely fine. You may need to tell the Mac Mini to output audio via the HDMI, but it will probably do this by default in any case.

You would only need to go down the DAC / SPDIF route if you were not planning on running the display through the AVR, as without a valid display device, the Mac probably won't output to the AVR.

Andy RSA

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Hi There Guys,
I have the Yamaha RX-V585 connected to my M1 mac mini and had to get an HDMI to thunderbolt (usb-c) connector, because When i plugged direct into the Mac's HDMI the screen flickered constantly.
It works with the converter but now i dont seem to get 4K, only up to 1080. I'm not sure if a better cable or connector would do the trick?

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